Cornerstone Royal Company is one of the few companies with integrated activities (financial, industrial, agricultural, technological, scientific, medical and tourism). It is part of a consortium that includes a number of giant and influential companies in the Middle East, Europe, North Africa, Asia, the Gulf countries and the United States of America. Thus, our company "does not impose any restrictions on the amount of financing and implementation of projects." We have years of experience in cooperating with partners in preparing and implementing projects and formal meetings in order to understand projects and achieve goals.

Through years of efforts and achievements, we have accumulated various technologies and patents with abundant experiences. Where the vacuum receivers and the integration of the solar field. Corner Stone Royal can serve CSP basin projects all over the world with large scale deployment Corner Stone Royal aims to improve efficiency and reduce cost for CSP projects by investing in innovative technology and industrial production, and pushing forward the development of energy technology Concentrated solar power in the world through our projects and services and providing the global economy with green, reliable, low-cost energy in addition to it, as our projects for the production of green hydrogen stem from our responsibility towards preserving the global environment and reducing carbon emissions.

And based on the convictions of Corner Stone Royal of the necessity of its contributions to the service of civil society due to the scarcity and scarcity of water, which may herald geographic and geological changes, and to avoid these catastrophic scenarios, we have concluded bilateral agreements with a number of the largest international companies specialized in water desalination and working with the BOT system to meet all water needs and expansion in the agricultural area.

Corner Stone Royal's activity extends to investing in foodstuffs, importing, exporting, and manufacturing, and our desired goal to achieve in the near future is to complete the production wheel from the moment of selecting the seed to planting the fruit, passing through all stages until presenting the product in its final form, eaten or drunk.
Thanks to our capabilities and close relations with international financial institutions and international banks, we were able to start investing and developing giant infrastructure projects locally and globally. Finally, we started our initial investments in the field of real estate with several giant projects in Europe and soon we will start them in the Middle East, Asia and some African countries.