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We welcome all respected parties to join us, in terms of finance accordingly. We welcome with a warm heart all the Financial Parties for a Joint venture with us.

Our future projects.

01. Hajj city for Indonesia.

02: Hajj city for Malaysia.

03: Hajj city for Egypt.

04: Hajj city Pakistan.

05. Silk Road 57 countries together and SILK ROAD CONNECT ASIA GULF EUROPE & ENDING in CANADA.

06. Smart City combined Project.

07. Vertical Farming (hydroponic) in Saudi Arabia.

08: Ocean cleaning project Worldwide.

09. Electric vehicles Factory.

10. Power & Energy combined projects. Worldwide.

11. Green Projects Worldwide.

12. Private & Commercial Residential cities. As per the instructions of the UN.

13. Scientific Research projects. Worldwide.

14. Innovative projects. Worldwide.

15. Mega Projects.

16. Electric Vehicles Factory.

17. Aeronautical Productions.

18. Cattles, TRADE, New environmental friendly indoor farming projects, Import & Export commodities & production house vertical farming with complete cycle fields with controlled temperature.

19. Innovative Future environment changing & controlling Project.

20.  Hydrogen Vehicles & New Tech vehicles Projects By Mr. Abdulrehman Mohammed Rafiq & Mr. Daniel.

21. Soft drinks & Smoking factory by Mr. Abdulrehman Mohammed Rafiq & Investors.

22. Projects in European zone. 

23. Industrial projects. 

24. Electronic & electromechanical Industrial projects.

25. Engineering projects. 

26. Manufacturing projects.

27. Robotics. 

28. Transplantation projects.

29. Aeronautical smart projects

30. Automatic Transportation projects.

31. New technological advancement projects.
32. New innovative educational Project.

33. New power generational private Projects.

34. New Era changing of the climate control technological innovation projects

35. Innovative electrical generation  projects. 

36. Futuristic underground living new environmental friendly bomb proof with safe and secure Accommodation Project.

37. Hydrogen projects. 

38. Green Energy projects

39. It special projects. 

40. It innovations. 

41. Infrastructural projects. 

42. Hydro power projects. 

43. Financial projects. 

44. Corporate Projects. 

45. Electrical Ve factories. 

46. Electric Cycling factories. 

47. Electric bike factories. 

48. Advanced free energy generational research and development sectors & hubs. 

49. Financial hubs and trading platforms. 

50. Maintaining and maintenance with full procurement departments. 

51. New innovative clothing factories. 

52. Innovative project for sophisticated designs & I.T solutions. 

53.New Innovative paint removal and nano technology instead of painting old traditional walls, swapping with new technology and warranties life-time, and custom made digital wallpapers from the factories.

54. New fast building structures innovative technological precast factories will full solutions and advanced designs. 

55. Commodities

All above-mentioned projects are future changing & new economical growth towards new Era.

We welcome all respected parties to join us, in terms of finance accordingly. We welcome with a warm heart all the Financial Parties for a Joint venture with us.

Project current status

Hajj city for Indonesia under development MOU has been under review, the design has been done, and feasibility study under process along with Agreement with Indonesian Government.

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